BlueCroft Farms was inspired by the idea to create a small, arable farmland, farming high quality in-demand produce with positive effects on the mind and the body. Thinking of the qualities our farm should possess, we chose qualities that resonated with the colour blue; imagination, expansiveness,depth, trust, loyalty, and intelligence. Inspired by our idea and the qualities it should possess, BlueCroft Farms will offer the best quality farm produce while researching to find out the finest way to make food safe with positive effects on mind and body.

The potential benefits of our approach to food production are:

High yields - by using clean, up to date farm methods.
High margins - by producing premium produce due to high quality assurance.
Low inputs - no petrochemical based fertilizers or pesticides, less water, less labour, less energy for some of our farming cultures.
Low impact - no effluent, run off or soil degradation.
Low risk - contained controlled environment for some of our farming cultures.

BlueCroft is determined in all its dealings to positively affect society. We are dedicated to impacting the Planet, Consumer, Supermarkets, Primary producers and local Farmers.


- Sustainable source of high quality.
- Low environmental impact.
- Optimised water usage.


- Highest standards of food safety.
- Reliable fresh produce all year round.
- Cost effective produce.


- Consistent supply of high quality sustainably produced produce.
- Increased brand loyalty.
- Meets CSR requirement.


- Higher margins and return on investment.
- Less risk.
- Less reliance on inorganic produce.
- Less negative environmental impact.


- More sustained farming opportunity.
- An assured source of livelihood.


At BlueCroft farms we offer the finest agribusiness services with ease of doing business.

Farm Management

This is our major service rendered to individual clients. With this service, clients have the opportunity to own farms with us.

Contract Farming

Our Contract Farming option allows firms to enter into strategic agreements with BlueCroft Farms to grow specific crops, at specific times, at desired quality

Offtake Farming

BlueCroft Farms continues to grow crops all year round. The Offtake service allows interested markets and firms to sign-up to buy directly from BlueCroft Farms

GreenHouse Farming / Solutions

Our knowledge in Greenhouse Farming is undisputed. We set-up and manage greenhouses to grow organic food crops.

Food Processing

BlueCroft Farms processes some of its produce into finished directly for the market. All our processing procedures are done

Agribusiness Advisory

This service involves BlueCroft’s expert advisory and management in all agribusiness settings for clients. Our advisory processes include Farm Management, Processing and Commodity Trade.



Organic & Inorganic


Kept In Clean Environments


Organic & Inorganic Fruits


State of the art Processing


High Resistant Plants


High-end Processing


Organically Produced


Large Scale Production

Our Amazing Team

Kofi Adam Addae


Theodore Kwete

Executive Director(South Africa)

Timothy Harris

Strategic Partnerships(Liberia)

Nii Amarh

Farm Director

Moses Anane

Administrative Director

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BlueCroft Farms produces the best quality farm produce for body and mind. All our products go through stringent quality tests to certify their safety and consumption.By producing plants, animals and processing in a sustainable protected environment BlueCroft Farms meets the needs of the consumer, agri-business,supermarkets and the planet.

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